GET TO KNOW: Stone Mob

Stone Mob

Stone Mob is an American hard rock band formed in Virginia in 2017 with one simple goal: Play the most kick ass rock n roll possible. The band is led by singer Doug "Earthdog" Masteron who is well known in the Virginia Beach hard rock and metal scene having fronted several successful bands including the acclaimed "Full Throttle." He is also an architect, expert builder, and inventor who conceives and develops many of the props and special effects seen in Stone Mob videos.

Blaine "Shred Master General" Kaltman is a guitarist who has a PhD in Philosophy, speaks fluent Chinese, and is the lead actor, screenwriter and producer of the award winning film "Back Alley Bulls." His articles are featured in several guitar magazines including Guitar World where is earning a reputation for playing some of the most innovative and technically difficult leads in modern rock.

Bassist Wilfred "Mr. Creative" David is a photographer and music producer and arranger. He was the director of photography on the "Murder Town" video.

Drummer Andy Hamburger has credits on several dozen albums and well over a hundred local and national commercials and move trailers. He has performed or recorded with many renowned acts including Side FX, The Temptations, and The Coasters. 

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