GET TO KNOW: Sunhaze

Sunhaze embodies the diverse landscape of their Californian roots. Surf-pop guitars and atmospheric synth amidst melancholic melodies create an aural environment influenced by coastlines and city streets. "Elaborate layers of harmonic instrumental flourishes, unconventional addictive rhythms, and vocal arrangements" are what define their soundscape.

Formed in 2012, Sunhaze originated from the vision of Danae Labraña, a San Francisco transplant hailing from the shores of Santa Barbara. Fellow San Francisco State alumnae, Priscilla del Rosario and Erin Walter, then added their native Bay Area-influenced elements to a handful of Labraña's singer-songwriter works. The last two additions, Brandon Iljas and Aaron Chin, completed the lineup soon after and as a group, they began molding their sound.

Sunhaze debuted their Last Summer EP in Fall 2014. Their first full-length record succeeds the previous bright, sun-baked release with a culmination of pop hooks, dynamic rhythms, and darker undertones. Wishful Thinking is to be released October 7th, 2016.     

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