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  • Only send us your best, new material in the genres of Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB/Soul, Americana/Folk, Rock, Electronic, and the other subgenres you see already featured on this platform.

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  • Don't use the Music Submission Form if we have featured your music before. If we have, email us directly at

  • Don't submit any material to us older than three months old.

  • If your submission is approved for publication, we'll reach out to you asking for follow-up material such as a bio and 2-3 high quality pictures. Do not send us low quality selfies of yourself to be posted with the feature.

  • Don't send us a song/video embed without anything else included in the email. It automatically gets deleted.

MEDIA related: If you have an upcoming song, video or project (mixtape/EP/album) dropping soon or performance on the horizon, send us an official press release and we will promote it on our site as well as our social media (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter). Please send the information as a final version. We will not write it for you; we publish what we receive.

ATTENTION: If you have a new EP, mixtape, or album coming out soon, email us with the release date, promo pictures, and other pertinent information and we will allow you to 'Take Over' our website the week of its release in order to promote it. This ‘Takeover’ includes a customized landing page which will replace our homepage, an interview with you to discuss the project, a review of the project, and more. For more information, go to our Artist Services page.

Click HERE for our Artist Services, which include Music Submission Service, Music Licensing Pitching, the DCWS Site Take Over, and Official Artist Bio Development.