A BEEF Gone Right. C.Shreve The Professor & SK, The Novelist

After C.Shreve the Professor released his super aggressive single "No Names" last week, there was bound to be a fallout. 

One of Shreve's fellow Cypher Univercity members, SK the Novelist, took issue with the song and decided to release a response track: 

The Professor wasted no time in responding with his own reply: 

At this point, the two artists realized this could go a couple different ways and decided to squash their differences musically and make a song together: 

"Serve the call inside your chest, heard the fall in my forest / Yeah, word to y'all let's all feel blessed, got work to do, this Earth's a mess / Gotta earn your rest, earn your keep, verse on a track that'll burn your feet / Heard from the back they all compete when I lapped they ass right fast last week"

That's a lot of music in one week. If only all beef could work out this way. 

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