Beta Days Releases Dreamy New Single "This Art Ain't Mine"

Beta Days

“This Art Ain’t Mine” is the first track from the upcoming full-length album "S.T.T." by Rhode Island based band Beta Days. The track kicks off with bright, jangly guitars and a light melody that wisps away the listener.  This lush, easy track is reminiscent of indie champions Wilco and Real Estate. "S.T.T." is due out next month on June 23rd. 

About Beta Days: Beta Days evolved from multi-instrumentalist, Bill Bierce’s, late night writing sessions that would start around 3AM.  Fighting isolation, lack of sleep, and depression, Bierce battled through ups and downs to write and record enough material for a full length LP.  

Sadly, Bierce’s mother passed away during the album’s mixing, while simultaneously his father occupied a long-term hospice stay from a head wound which left him in a vegetative state. Everything was once again cast into doubt, but Bierce stayed the course and completed the record.  The end result is a hazy reflection on idealized youth, relationships, isolation, and the drudgery of adult life.  All of this is presented through a prism of evasive lyrics and tightly arranged instrumentation, leaving the listener to draw their own meaning from the songs.

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