Beta Days Share Hazy New Single "Agendas"

Beta Days has just released the contemplative new single, "Agendas", from the upcoming debut album, S.T.T.  The track has a dreamlike mood that touches on themes of deciding one's priorities and motivations.  The tone is thoughtful as if the band is deciding the track's own "agenda."

Beta Days is the one-man project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bill Bierce.  The project evolved from Bierce's late night writing sessions that would start around 3 AM, as it was the only time neighboring bands at his practice space weren’t around to drown him out.  Bierce battled through intense bouts of depression while tracking.

Sadly, Bierce's mother passed away during the album's mixing, while simultaneously his father occupied a long-term hospice stay from a head wound which had left him in a vegetative state a few years prior.  Bierce stayed the course and completed the record mid-2016. The end result is a hazy reflection on idealized youth, relationships, isolation, and the drudgery of adult life.  Last month, Open Ears Music premiered "Settled for Gold".  In April, Music & Riots premiered debut single, "This Art Ain't Mine."  Open Ears Music had this to say about Beta Days:

"Bill’s pensive, yet evasive lyrics and tightly arranged instrumentation conjure up a mix of familiarity, with immediate images of Wilco coming to mind, or the heartfelt songs of Dr. Dog, or even at times the swirling breezy feeling that Real Estate brings to the table, bringing it all together as Beta Days, a band you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on."

Bierce expanded the project into a live band shortly after completing the record, including his ex-Wandas bandmate Keith McEachern on bass. The group has enjoyed the contrast of raw energy with more guitar-oriented live performances.

Beta Days debut full-length LP, S.T.T. will be released everywhere June 23rd, 2017.

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