C.Shreve The Professor Releases New Visuals And Music!

Free The Optimus leader C.Shreve the Professor is back with a pair of new releases for all the FTO fans out there. The North Carolina MC brings both a new video and a new song to the table this time.

Up first is an a capella piece with visual animations brought alive by Danny Digital (aka Qwyk Cardino from Pragmaddix). The combination of lyricism and visual demonstration are definitely a welcomed new direction from Shreve. 

"Steal the show and I'm out like a thief in the night / Feel the moment, feel the force, I believe in the light / Now what's the feelin like? What's a ceilin flight?--been tryna break thru / Dues paid, now you really gotta pay dudes"

Up next is the release of "In The Air", a track that has been sitting in the FTO vault for far too long. Produced by YSOSERIOUZ?, Shreve takes the airy beat right where you knew he would. 

"They wanna do what we do do, that's Boo Boo / Yogi and the kodiaks, told em I got a zoo crew"

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