Getting To Know Sweet Songbird Abbi Press And Her New Single "Wait"


Abbi Press is a one-woman show, producing her own beats and vocals in her tracks that blend pop and neo-soul. She mixes it all up into a fiery blend of girl power, often complemented with shimmering piano and fragile synths made of glass that sound like they might shatter at a moment's notice (in the best way possible).

On her new single "wait", the slowed-down, ethereal choir of angels that is Abbi Press serves up a Cocorosie inspired sound. A crunchy waterfall instrumental contrasts against her pure and airy voice, making for a dreamy combination. It manages to sound somber, but still light; as well as down-tempo, but not depressing. Abbi's track straddles the invisible line between spaces, and that's what makes her haunting and crisp tracks so addictive. This track shows diverse range from her others, but definitely rides the fairy pop wave that she continues to slay.

Other new tracks to look out for besides this gliding premiere that she graced us with last week would include her collaborations with producer Dirty Chocolate on the track "Worst Mood", where the two sample Weeknd's "Starboy" into a slow-down bedroom rework - way more chilled out than the original, slightly frenetic and Michael Jackson inspired detour taken by Weeknd recently. Dirty Chocolate's sexy beats hit us with a "Marvin's Room" vibe while Abbi's angelic voice vibrates sweetly against each high hat.

Check out "Wait" for yourself and follow Abbi on Soundcloud to watch out for her next releases, because it's sure to be fire.

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