JESUTON Is A Brit Making Waves In Brazil With A New Video & Debut Album


Every artist has to tread their own musical journey; East London’s JESUTON has forged a path like no other. Since choosing to pursue a musical career in Brazil she rapidly went from busking on the streets of Rio to being in watched by 20 million people on some of Brazil’s biggest TV shows, becoming a household name along the way.

The young singer proudly announces the release of her debut album of original material ‘Home’ and sets her sights on making moves back in the UK with a more UK/Euro-centric collection of songs. Having already been championed by some of Brazil’s key media publications such as Globo, Timeout Rio Times and Veja, the 12 track offering sees JESUTON in typically reflective mood, communicating directly from her traveller's soul, revealing a profound internal universe through introspective wordplay and a wash of lush soundscapes and live instrumentation.

Co-produced by Mario Caldato Jr (credits include Beastie Boys, Jack Johnson and Seu Jorge), the pair have delivered a stunning nocturnal journey through space and time that stands as a searingly honest testament to the world the way JESUTON sees it. After dropping a music video on her own YouTube channel for lead track ‘Home’ late last year (now on over 250K views), her brand new video ‘Man Of My Life’ is out 1st May, with support from Billboard and Rolling Stone in Brazil chalked in. JESUTON will be back in London soon as she prepares for a busy schedule of studio sessions this summer.

Album quote:
The album speaks about who we are and our journey to find where we belong within our internal and external universes. Self identity, how we love and hide from love, how we try to move past pain and our attempts to stay open and honest in the face of life's many challenges. Where we run to and what we're running from. These songs are my confessions, soundtracks to my soliloquies on duality, doubt, parallel universes and the raw realities of waking up each day, just trying to be you.”
Single (Man Of My Life) quote:
Sometimes we don't know what to do, what the right choice to make would be. The track and music video 'Man of My Life' is situated at fork in the road, on a dark night. Left or right. Keep trying or quit and break free? This persistent duality is the central aspect of the album: that there are multiple, coexisting truths. And are we really choosing? Or are we somehow locked in endless cosmic cycles? The music video, filmed in Italy by Alberto Marchiori, explores these ideas.”

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