Jordan King Releases Intimate Visuals For "Be The Man"

Jordan King's track entitled ‘Be The Man’ hits the music scene with 90’s R&B meets 2016 style visuals. The sexy and flirtatious lyrics are reflected in the provocative story line of the video.

Following the cheeky and intimate vibe of the EP, ‘Be The Man’ sees King, styled by himself,
engaging in a phone conversation with his love interest, Model Mica Jazelle which consist of the
seductive lyrics from the tack.

Fitting to the nature of the song, Intimate moments are shared by the two in the visuals, all of which were co-directed by Jamie Alderson and King himself. We also see a clever inclusion of featuring artist Jords. Designed with a storyline in mind like most classic R&B videos the story unravels at the hands of a modern twist.

“‘Be The Man’ is a the true epitome of an old school take on a new school vibe, which was one of the ways I’d describe my sound. I loved the way R&B videos had you following a story, and found a way to make everything tie in together. Sometimes they even had you shocked. You never know ‘Be The Man’ might even have a twist of its own” – Jordan King

The track produced by King and SM accompanied by the visuals filmed by Jamie Alderson gives fans a feeling of 90’s nostalgia, whilst still remaining current and undated. The soon to be released visuals live up to the unapologetic, unfiltered, flirtatious and fun persona that is Jordan King.

I wanted to capture what it is to really be the man. Which to me is coming in and taking control of the situation, being dominant but sexy whilst sweeping her off her feet all at the same time. I think we definitely caught that in the visuals, but I’ll let the Queens out there be the deciders of that.” – Jordan King

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