Jünior Le Franc Releases New EDM Flavored Single "Dangerous"

In summer of 2016 Junior Lefranc was coming back home from a long day working as a bartender in Brooklyn, New York. Suddenly, he was approached by a couple of girls in a car offering him a ride home, he appreciate the gesture mentioning what later on became part of his lyrics:

“You made things easy for me when they could be so hard”.

Unfortunately the driver was under the influence of narcotics and what was supposed to be a fun end to a hectic weekend, turned out into a car accident where the three of them where injured but with no major consequences. Definitely a ride he would never forget. Influenced by his love for EDM and respect for artist like as Calvin Harris and Kygo, Junior decided to turn the experience into a song that would express the way he felt before and during the accident.

“Dangerous” is Mr. Lefranc’s first EDM try, a genre that always changes his mood for the best and uplifts his spirit when things are not doing alright.

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