King Bliss Unveils Video For Debut Single “Money Mantra”

Toronto-based, hip hop artist King Bliss reveals the video to his hit debut single, “Money Mantra”. Directed by Jesse Dart, the thought-provoking visual piece is available now on YouTube. It is the first single off his highly anticipated studio album, K.I.N.G., set for release next Spring.

The video features the artist occupying multiple roles, symbolically representing several
socio-economic spectrums. When coming up with the video concept King Bliss had this to say:

After reflecting on how resourceful I had to become in times of financial hardship, I
wanted to demonstrate that it is understandable to engage in risky activities for the sake of keeping your head above water. But (that) the ultimate objective is to swim off to your destination. The main character, Tellect, illustrates this notion as he rubs shoulders with hustlers that share his aspiration for wealth but ensures not to get too attached to the unsustainable career paths chosen by his counterparts. To drive this underlying point home, the video closes with Tellect being the only character with a well-defined path to success

King Bliss’ unique sound favours old school hip hop with his poetic lyricism and raw,
unapologetic delivery. His distinct cutting-edge rhymes, wrapped in a melodic flow separates him from other rap artists thus far.

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