Louisville's Dream Eye Color Wheel To Release New Full-Length "False Omega" Cassette With Download Card On Gubbey Records. Release Date: May 19th, 10pm, Kaiju, FREE Event

Gubbey Records is delighted to bring you brand new full length from Dream Eye Color Wheel "False Omega". Three plus years in the making and it is finally here, a very special and deep record indeed. Coming May 19th with a release show the same day at Kaiju with special guests Parallel Colors! 10pm, FREE. Limited Edition cassette with Digital Download will be available at the show.

Dream Eye Color Wheel is the rhetorical exploit of a part-time troglodyte, a layperson’s guide to subterranean gift-wrapping, a never-ending step into a split-second microsleep. A celebration of the unknown, it traces glittering moments of slowdown through the lens of hyperreality, layering ideas and sound objects through clouds of ferrite dust. It is a maximally underdriven cornucopia where wow and flutter are stretched and polished, milked for all they’re worth.

This newest artifact, False Omega is a polymorphous snowball; having shape-shifted for four years, it stands as a tribute to automatic processes, stupefied clarity, and enhanced overall bewilderment. Sonic silhouettes overlap, hanging tinsel on a branching symbolic horizon. Tediously melded through electromagnetic transactions, it’ll soften over-boiled eggs, repair cracks in crooked foundations, and increase degrees of freedom for most four-dimensional quadrupeds. It is the cycling history of everyone in particular.

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