Megan Landry Releases Mesmerizing New Single 'Screaming Sun'

"Mesmerizing stream of consciousness!" commented one fan on this 20 year old Canadian college student's latest release "Screaming Sun". 

An eclectic artist, Megan Landry's work has been compared to others like Lana Del Ray and St. Vincent. A tapestry of rich lyrics woven with non-traditional chords gives her work a unique quality stamping out her space in the music world.

At 12 years old she was targeted by an adult who purposely alienated her from her peers because of this woman's judgment over Landry's family situation. The exclusion and taunts lasted a few years. She says this type of slander was just fuel to her spark, giving her creativity a boost, driven to equalize the difference between opinion, fact and decency. 

"Screaming Sun" is about owning who you are. The core of facing reality is ownership, standing up to who you are, who you want to be, not a prescribed social recipe. 

Her first album, STILLS, released in 2015 netted her two Indie Album of the Year recognitions. "Screaming Sun" will be on her second album slated for release in the spring. For sure something to look out for. 

Album STILLS can be streamed here:

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About Megan:
Megan Landry is a Canadian lyricist and musician dabbling in a variety of genres. She is getting known for her quirky lyric style and uncommon chord patterns. Presently she is a full-time college student studying multi-media design and working on her second album. To fund her music she freelances part-time as a photographer/videographer. 

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