Nyanda Releases Hot New Video For Her Single "Rodeo Wine" Which Fuses Dancehall And Country Music

"Rodeo Wine was one of those songs that wrote itself. The creative process with The Kemist and Kham (my co-writer) was fun and easy, reminding me of the time I wrote Love is Wicked with my sisters.

Rodeo Wine is different... unexpected... memorable."  [Nyanda]

Rodeo Wine is the first single released from Nyanda's new partnership with Eastern Europe's leading record company, Cat Music. 

Produced by The Kemist, "Rodeo Wine" is a unique fusion of Dancehall and Country music. 

Nyanda is a member of the Pop/Reggae duo Brick & Lace. She went solo in 2013 and has amassed over 90 million online streams during her career with singles "Love is Wicked", "Slippery When Wet", "Like A Pro", "I Love Sax" and "Trouble".

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