Preview SLF&Co's Upcoming "No Beats In Algebra" Album

SLF&Co - No Beats In Algebra is a collaboration of vocalists and musicians - also known as the lovely folk & friends from around the towns of Blighty. The SLF&Co project came to light from a PC, in a flat, in Norwich. Clocks tick, tracks emerge, people lend an ear, a voice, some insight and the occasional slap.

Influenced and inspired by many different genres and production techniques with a few bits and bobs of rock, electronica, ambient, dance, hip/trip-hop, avant-garde and progressive music.  No Beats In Algebra will fulfill all of your musical preferences in one nicely rounded package for the ears and mind to ponder.

Featured artists on No Beats In Algebra can also be found with their respective groups on the compilation release An Amalgamation of Sorts...Part Zero (2015) through Milky Bomb Records.

Track Listing:

01. Intro (Spag Bol)
02. Looking for a Map featuring Mel, Rob Graham & David R-Booty
03. O Romeo (that burning smell) featuring Oli Perry
04. Red (Lord Fluffy & SLF Remix) featuring Vicky Harrison
05. YrAFlowerButYrStenchIsMoreSoWicked featuring Oli Perry & James Clayton
06. Deaf Kiwi Fruit (Remix) featuring MCB
07. Back Scratcher (Filo Barbieri Remix) featuring Beyonder, Vicky & Chemise
08. Pop Sensibility featuring Emma Martin, Oli Perry & James Clayton

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