Agency Drops Very Timely New Album "Resist"


In between recording the followup to the critically acclaimed debut album IDENTITY, Agency decided to address once again (as they did successfully on last year’s “POLITIKARAMA” EP), the utter turmoil and social upheaval centered around the US political climate, specifically the presidency.

There has been much written about the dearth of “protest” songs addressing the strife in the USA as compared to movements in the 60s and 70s. On RESIST, that dearth is voided.

Drawing upon various musical influences, including house, hip-hop, funk, and even blues, this set strives to expose the inequities, fears, and hope of our generation. Some songs, like original “Till & Marrow” draw the subject matter from racially charged incidences from the past (this one specifically address the killings of Emmet Till and Henry Marrow).

Senses of Insecurity is a breathtaking lamentation, setting apoem by Maya Angelou to stark instrumentation and melody.

And tackling two covers, the lesser known Sinead O’Connor tune “Black Boys On Mopeds” and Jimi Hedrix’ Machine Gun, the act demonstrates through song that many of today’s issues are rooted in the past.

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