Rising UK Emcee Patch Switches Styles As He Shares His Drunken Philosophy With Latest Track ‘Unseen’

With his new offering ’Unseen’, Patch’s creativity as a wordsmith is on show as he deals with a range of subject matters from his heart and mind. Not afraid to tackle personal issues and internal confusion, this surfaces in his concept ‘Drunken Philosophy/Embrace Your Contradictions’ which ties all his music together and is exemplified in this track.

“Earlier in the year I was in a more mellow place but now I'm feeling a lot more charged, hence the change in sound. The lyrics are like a pendulum swinging between the different aspects life experiences and epitomises the concept of embrace your contradictions.”

With a beat from High Frequency, Unseen serves up a harder edged production for the Londoner. A trap tempo is the backbone for distorted 808 samples and sub bass sounds, this shows a departure in sound from previous tracks ‘Point Of View’, ‘90s’ and ‘Sketchbook’ all of which saw the young rapper in a more contemplative, melancholic mood. Theses tracks and previous EP ‘Space Between The Heartbeats’ helped establish Patch as a one to watch and were championed by platforms such as Complex, MTV The Wrap Up, Clash, SBTV, Indie Shuffle, Hoxton Radio and Reprezent.

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