San Antonio Based Artist Elijah Wiggins Unveils His New "Twenty-Two" EP

Elijah Wiggins takes us on a personal journey into the mind of a 22 year old who lives in this modern musical world of artists trying to come into their own. With tracks such as "Boy Your Old" and "Sip Slow" you see a young man who is disillusioned by the current music industry and looks for change. While more playful tracks such as "Lisa Bonet" featuring the ever talented Ezekiel Judah and "Fantastic" shows off a growing lyrical maturity.

Throughout the project you see a more comfortable Elijah Wiggins. There aren't too many apparent risks, but there is a freedom that Is expressed in the musical choices taken to get to a lasting view of what he is trying to accomplish.

This is Life. This is Twenty-Two.

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