The 5 From The 6 Release ALL FEMALE EP "Beauties & THE BEAT"!

Beauties & The Beat

Ekelle enlists Marie Bee, Delta, Tamesia and Ray Lovely to create a 5-song EP entitled Beauties & THE BEAT. These 5 female rappers from Toronto have put together a versatile project that is bound to get your head bobbin’ and the people talkin’. With the support of a grant from CUE, Ekelle features on a song with each artist and brings everyone together for a mega track called Ride or Die. The EP was recorded and mixed at Pink Distortion Music by Jason Burgos and Adam Van Ameringen. All the artists wrote their own lyrics on the beats crafted by Delta and Tamesia.

Each artist has been working at her craft for a different period of time, but the reason for creating this EP was clear, to give women in this city a voice! In a male dominated industry constantly coming at females in ways that are not always so uplifting it was time for a response. This EP allows each artist to tell her own story on her own terms with a mellow hype vibe that ushers a new wave into the Toronto rap scene.

This EP has been such an amazing experience. From beginning to end wasn't an easy journey for me but I never gave up because I know what we are doing will pave the way for future artists” - Tamesia

When Ekelle first came to me about the production of an “All Female EP”, instantly I was very intrigued by the whole idea of it. I knew I had to be a part of something so great! Being informed that it would be the first of its kind in Toronto; I hopped on to the project without any hesitation. It has been an amazing experience collaborating with other female artists and producers and it really gave off a “Girl Power” vibe which I think is really important in the music industry.” - Marie Bee

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