Toronto's King Bliss Drops New Track "Writing The Wrongs"

King Bliss

After King Bliss’ explosion onto Toronto’s hip hop scene in 2016, he releases the second single, Writing the Wrongs, from his highly-anticipated album K.I.N.G. The album -- slated for release this year -- was pushed back due to his unexpected, but highly welcomed, European appearances. But if these tracks are any indication for what the hip hop scene can expect
from this unfiltered artist, K.I.N.G. is shaping up to be his personal rap memoir.

While his debut single boasted a raw, heavy beat – Writing the Wrongs, is the complete opposite. But of course, King Bliss still maintains his witty lyricism while rapping over a seductively smooth – “R&B” inspired backdrop. And despite the slow tempo, the artist manages to still showcase his signature, aggressive rap flow.

On this track, King Bliss really evokes old-school hip hop with his poetic lyricism draped over soulful rhythms. If his first single was the money-maker’s anthem – this is a narrative for the street code. Always one to tell a story – King Bliss illustrates being stuck between the street life and trying to make an honest living. Writing the Wrongs operates as both a cautionary tale to the upcoming youth and King Bliss’ bragging rights; exposing the harsh universal realities that he continues to battle daily. 

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