UK Pop-Rock Outfit The Len Price 3 Announces Fifth Studio Album, 'Kentish Longtails'

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“Rock and Roll doesn't need saving; the cure's right here." That's what David Fricke, the legendary Rolling Stone journalist said of The Len Price 3, an English pop band who deliver instantly memorable tunes and an unstoppable whirlwind of power. With an ever growing and ferociously loyal worldwide following, twelve years and five albums under their belts, they remain the best-kept secret in show business

Their new release, Kentish Longtails name-checks a piece of local folklore concerning a curse allegedly placed upon the people of Strood by Thomas à Becket which condemned the children of this town on the banks of the Medway to be born with tails. Thankfully tail-less, but with tall tales and colorful harmonies intact, the Len Price 3 deliver catchy vintage pop tunes with plenty of punk rock oomph and a sprinkling of sonic weirdness.  Expect melodic nuggets, shiny pop hooks and rich lyrical content laden with wry social observations and acid tongued retorts.

Kentish Longtails by The Len Price 3 will be available worldwide September 22nd, 2017.

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The Len Price 3: Kentish Longtails
September 22nd, 2017

1. Childish Words
2. Sucking the Life Out of Me
3. You Can't Say Goodbye
4. Telegraph Hill
5. Saturday Morning Film Show
6. Nothing I Want
7. Pocketful of Watches
8. Ride on Coat Tails
9. Meaningless Mouth
10. Lisa Baker
11. Stop Start Lilly
12. Paint Your Picture Well
13. If You See What I See
14. Man in the Woods

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