10 Scary Movies to Watch Before Halloween Ends

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Within the first ten minutes of Hereditary we are provided with hair-raising caution that cannot prepare you for what you have just made yourself susceptible to, by pushing Play. The cast delivers raw emotion fused with an equally haunting score that swallows your certainties and any chance for a good night’s rest.


A journey into The Further, a nightmare realm of hungry spirits has captured the Lambert’s eldest son through the guise of a comatose state after he takes a fall in the attic. With the help of a parapsychologist and the will of a determined father, we are arrested by original creatures and figures that will do anything it takes to get what they want. To rescue his son, the father must literally confront his own childhood demons and leaves you suspended with a cliffhanger ending or rather an open invitation for more installments to endure.

The Evil Within

The testing of brotherhood in this thriller lies under a kaleidoscope of surreal dreams by main character Dennis. Dennis, who is mentally challenged, is cared for by his brother John and the circumstances have forced John into choosing between institutionalizing Dennis or rescuing the strained relationship with his girlfriend. Stylish stop motion sets this film apart from mainstream horror and delivers a fast-paced body count by the end.

The Conjuring

Director James Wan provides an in-depth experience taken from American paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s personal life. We receive a portrayal of them in the film, as the specialists willing to liberate a family from the supernatural torture volunteered against them in their new country home. The soundtrack takes us between complete bareness of an opened windows curtain blowing, the stillness around steps and doors opening in exploration, to the breath of something or someone unknown while blended with sonic tones guaranteed to scare you even further from the edge you’re already removed from.

The Visit

The Visit is a story told through documentary-style filming gives us permission to tag along when a young boy and girl are sent to visit their mothers estranged parents, whom they have never met before. This week-long trip is full of suspense and mystery presented by M. Night Shyamalan with a gratifying twist. Next time your host insists that curfew is unusually early, it could be for a very creepy reason.

The Babadook

This Australian film is adapted from writer and director Jennifer Kent’s short film Monster, she made 9 years before. A widow and her 6 year-old son, Sam, are marked as prey by the evil Mister Babadook. A creepy pop-up book, refusing to be destroyed, contains foreshadowing terror for the woman and her child as well as the catchy phrase “DOOK, DOOK, DOOK” that is sure to raise chills among those familiar.

Drag Me To Hell

In true Sam Raimi spirit, Drag Me to Hell, is a roller coaster ride of gruesome events, almost comedic happenings, while absorbing you into the mystery of what can possibly happen next. After being cursed by an angry gypsy woman, a loan officer named Christine endures vivid hallucinations that isolate her from work and disappointment arises from her attempt to ask the gypsy woman for forgiveness. Seeking aid reveals she has a time limit but also a loophole testing her morals and loyalties.


Four years before America was introduced to the mug altering curse we know as The Ring, Ringu was produced in Japan. The film is based on a novel and unlike slasher films that administer gore and victimize an individual, this story illuminates a curse that attaches a deadly spirit to any viewer of an unmarked videotape. Yes, videotape. A shrill soundtrack paired with a murderous entity that doesn’t even have to touch their victim will keep you suspended as the main characters go to great lengths to subdue the burden they may have actually empowered.


With a fantastic storyline already in place, thanks to Stephen Kings It, which was made in 1990, the 2017 remake delivers a heart-pounding exploration of why the children in Derry, Maine go missing. The facelift given to Pennywise is plenty to haunt you but his ability to influence your memories and shapeshift into your greatest fear cements himself in history as an adversary that many more generations will come to know.

Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension

Continuing the found footage style of the very first Paranormal Activity film, the 6th installment is surprisingly refreshing with an introduction to new characters while continuing the link to the previously accursed siblings, Katie and Kristi. Only by means of an old video camera, a menacing entity is revealed to be preying on a couples young daughter. Great effects transport pull you into the family’s nightmare which includes a gripping time portal with a twist you least expect.