10 Street Level Hero Shows We NEED After Luke Cage!

Marvel's Luke Cage not only lived up to the hype, but completely took over when it premiered! It's a combination of it's grittiness, cold-blooded villains and relate able side characters that makes shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Arrow a hit with the audiences. Plus the fact that we get to see these characters use their powers to kick the butts of common street thugs instead of over the top bad guys that makes them seem a little bit more realistic and bad ass! With the success of these shows and more heroes like Iron Fist and The Punisher getting their own series, it's apparent that street level heroes are getting the shine they deserve instead of taking the back seat to their counterparts who face cosmic level threats. Here are 10 street level heroes we would love to see in the live-action spotlight!


The duo first met in New York City as runaways and have been inseparable ever since. With one having the power to control the dimension of darkness  (which also cause a hunger that can only be fed by absorbing bad guys or having his partner near), the other with the ability to create “light daggers”, they seem to be a perfect tag team that needs each other as much as the city needs them. Plus it would be great to see the dynamic of their friendship (and potential romantic relationship), and maybe even see them team up with Spiderman in live-action. Let's hope that the FreeForm series lives up to the potential. 



Everybody's favorite vampire hunter proved that a violent R rated film from a Marvel character could sell years before a Deadpool movie was even thought of! The first two films were hits, with the second being considered one of the best comic book movies by many fans thanks in part to Guillermo Del Toro's direction. However, the third film was mediocre at it's best moments and the short lived series that aired on Spike was something that many fans like to simply forget about (if never saw it, consider yourself lucky). With the success of Netflix series that don't shy away from grittiness and violence, it may be the perfect time to give the “day walker” a proper reboot. 


Moon Knight is a former mercenary whose wealth allowed him start over a new life, live incognito as a taxi-driver, then use his skills to take down criminal empires. Sounds like the perfect back story to showcase with his own movie or Netflix series. The fact that Deadpool and the upcoming Punisher series have embraced on screen violence instead of shying away from it shows that it may be the perfect opportunity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce another character who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Also, it can lead to some great character development, addressing his mental instability in a serious tone in contrast to Deadpool's comedic role. 


Walter Joseph Kovacs, best known as Rorschach, is an antihero who's intelligent, street combat skills and brutal willingness to kill is what makes him one of the most interesting characters from The Watchmen. Seeing his back story and early interactions with his fellow heroes in the series in a noir inspired stand alone film or series could be the best opportunity to fixed the issues that turned a lot of fans away from 2009's Watchmen film. 


The Crimson Avenger has had multiple incarnations, which includes Lee Travis, who donned the identity after having a vision of Superman being killed by Doomsday, Albert Elwood and Jill Carlyle. The latter of the group became the Crimson Avenger after receiving a pair of Colt pistols used by the original that will curse any who uses them for revenge to track and kill those who have taken an innocent life. This seems like a great opportunity to bring in another cool female superhero who can bring about swift street justice. Add the fact that the ammo from her pistols can even wound invulnerable heroes such as Superman if needed, the possibilities for great on screen firefights are endless! 


Misty Knight is already a pivotal character in Luke Cage. While her role in the series is well received by fans and critics, she still has a lot of potential and can carry her own weight as a hero. It would be cool to see her showcase her skills with firearms and in hand to hand combat in future seasons, as well receiving her bionic arm. As a matter of fact, seeing her team up with Colleen Wing in a spinoff would definitely be a great choice for fans of both her comic and live-action portrayals. 


Everybody remembers Static Shock's animated series from the early 2000's. It was popular cartoon that was a little bit ahead of it's time since it tackled some tough issues such as crime, school violence and racism in between the super hero action. It seems like perfect timing for a new live- action reboot that can show the teenage hero fighting crime and dealing with these real life issues that affect the African American community. Tyler James Williams has confirmed that Jaden Smith would play the title character, yet there has been no official announcement. Here's hoping that the series will get an official announcement soon. 


Felecia Hardy is the daughter of a world renowned cat burglar, and self trained multiple fighting styles. She also has the ability to produce “bad luck” for her enemies. It's only right that she adopted the identity of “The Black Cat”. Her relationship with Spiderman sort of mirrors that of Batman and CatWoman, with flirtation and eventually a full blown relationship, happening in between the hero criminal aspect. It would be interesting to see this dynamic play out in future Spiderman films.


Whether you're a fan of the comics, the animated series, or the Arkham video game series, Dick Grayson is one hero that can make you stop with the Robin jokes! After being taken in by Bruce Wayne, he learned everything he knows about fighting crime by fighting alongside the Dark Knight as Robin, before moving to New York to lead the Teen Titans and eventually move to Bludhaven. It would be fun to see Nightwing in his own series, showing his history with Batman, as well as showcasing how well he puts these skills to work with his own city to protect!


While whether Taskmaster can be considered an anti-hero, opportunistic mercenary for hire, or straight up villain is up for debate, he is still a cool character nonetheless. What makes him such a formidable opponent (or ally) is his ability to completely copy fighting styles. This would make for interesting match ups and great action scenes in the Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Punisher series.

Each of these characters have the potential to hold the attention of viewers on their own shows or at least become great side characters on the already established shows. With great back stories, interesting relationships with other characters, more than enough powers and abilities that can not only stop crime but hang in there with the top heroes and toughest villains, these are the street level heroes that fans can't wait to see on screen sometime soon!