A Hassle-Free Time at Nova Cannabis in Toronto

A Hassle-Free Time at Nova Cannabis in Toronto 2.jpg

As you may have heard, cannabis, marijuana, weed, reefer, whatever you want to call it is now legal in Canada! If you’ve been a long time puffer like myself then you are definitely excited about not having to hide your smoke preference or be judged by your co-workers. You might even become closer to certain individuals because of your shared pass time. With all the pop-up dispensaries being shut down in Toronto, it was so nice to finally shop for my green needs in confidence at Nova Cannabis. Located at 499 Queen St. West in Toronto’s fashion district, this shop is convenient for business professionals, hipsters and tourists alike.

Nova Cannabis is extremely well organized and hosts a variety of buds and accessories. The staff are super friendly, as were the security who only had to see a piece of ID to let you in (legal age in Canada is 19+). Once you get inside it’s very easy to find what you need while having an enjoyable experience. The buds are easily separated into three areas; Sativa, Indica and Hybrids. Several cannabis brands are sold in each section, featuring signage on the right that lets you know the name of the strain, the amount of THC and Cannabis and the Terpenes too. My favourite thing about the shop is the way in which they try and educate their clientele as I had not heard of a Terpene until I popped in. According to the helpful in-store posters, Terpenes are “Found in the oils of plants and are responsible for their aroma, texture and flavour. The cannabis plant produces over 100 different Terpenes, adding to the unique properties of each strain.

To further educate their clientele, Nova Cannabis has information on how to use cannabis, it’s positive and negative effects and helpful legal information to keep you on the streets enjoying your green instead of behind bars for overcarrying. Each staff member uses cannabis as well and can give you information on what they like or you can simply walk over to the Staff Picks section of the store to see what strains and products they enjoy. Nova Cannabis also has a great selection of accessories such as bongs, pipes, volcanoes, grinders and more - your basic one-stop shop. Once you’re ready to purchase one of the staff will scan the display version of your product and you simply line up to pay. You can use cash, card and even ApplePay. If you’re planning to pay Nova Cannabis a visit you can catch them from 10am-9pm on Monday to Thursday, 10am-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 12pm-9pm on Sundays. At this moment in time, they do not have social media so it’s best to just go directly to the store to see all inventory and to ask questions. Happy smoking!