A Lit Guide to Denver + Some Essential Beats

Golden Gate Canyon State Park Hike.jpg

I had some time to bide, this summer, and decided to take an impromptu trip out to Denver with my homegirl for some vital femme stoner bonding amongst the mountains, and we discovered these secret gems that are absolutely necessary for a lit Denver itinerary. And of course, we included a mix for each of these adventures, because who vacations without a soundtrack?

Native Roots Dispensary

Julie’s Edible and Wanna sour gummies were the product highlights, here. Julie used all natural canna butter and coconut oil, extracting the old school way, which gives you the most bang for your buck (sugar-free means a longer lasting high). And these babies will give you a mellow buzz all day long, without the crash. Julie’s all-natural line and the Wanna sour gummies were the highlight, as was a complex Indica hybrid called Mother’s Milk. There’s a fair amount of Native Roots locations around Denver and even in Boulder, if you’re day-tripping out there, but the bud-tenders here were really sweet and informative (not a given, unfortunately), so we vote that you check out this location. It’s also right down the street from another incredible dispensary called Purely Simple, which is owned by Wand James, the first black woman in Colorado (and she’s a war vet - badass!)

Queen City General Store

This dreamy store (albeit pushing the boundaries on hipster curation) is like a Southwestern Portlandia fever dream, and we mean that in a good way. It’s filled with everything from taxidermy to smudge sticks, to lingerie, to a full-blown apothecary. The prices range from relatively budget-friendly to slightly expensive, but the curation is so cool that it feels just as good just to sit on their couch and chill out (across from it is a coffee table filled with tarot cards, of course.) It has something for the guys and the gals - ladies, check out the lingerie and apparel on the left hand side, while guys can check for a new sandalwood scent or salve on the more unisex friendly right hand side. 

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

We filled our bags with sandwiches and BBQ chips, rented a car through Turo, and it was a mission, but we made it in our Jeep Wrangler! There were some rickety roads winding through the dense forestry; we didn’t know if we were going to make it on that rainy day but we did, and the clouds cleared up, giving way to a beautiful, sunny breeze. The dreamy meadows filled with Mullen against the background of the mountains’ rocky peaks make for an amazing view. The picturesque trees dot the entire landscape, and the variety of trails is ideal for every level.The perfect place to clear your head, and bring a bunch of pre-rolls up to. Makes for a good jog, bike ride, or camping trip if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Botanical Gardens 

Apart from when you trek out to the mountains and find a solid state park, when you see the industrial, dismal streets that comprises much of Denver, you don’t think that a lush garden teeming with life and colors is awaiting you in one of the most central parts of the city.
These gardens are amazing - they almost rival the New York Botanical Gardens, though some would be upset to say that. A beautiful Japanese center gives way to a  bonsai tree center. It’s an essential post or pre brunch option to stroll through on a bright blue day.