A Non-Racist Guide to International Traveling in 2019

A Non Racist Guide to International Traveling in 2019.jpeg

Because traveling in America is trash since we decided to elect Trump, most travelers will be safe in metropolitan cities internationally, but there are incidents of racism everywhere. Even in the most flourishing and inclusive cities, there are startling instances of prejudice and discrimination.

However, we’re all well aware that there’s nothing quite like a bout of good ol’ racism, passive or straightforward, to muddle a perfectly good vacation.

And while we always encourage standing up for yourself and others instead of shrinking in fear, we want to promote an inclusive and cheery attitude that lets you travel openly and without fear.

Hopefully, this guide to tolerant and not so tolerant countries will help.



Out of the EU’s 12 western states, Finland consistently tops out lists in terms of harassment gestures, speech, and overall perceived racial discrimination. Also, racist violence is pretty common in this country. There are more peaceful places for you to get your fix of Scandinavian beauty.



If attitudes towards the Hijab in France have told us anything, it’s that we need to be careful when galavanting too far outside main city borders. While this isn’t likely in metropolitan areas like Paris, we wouldn’t suggest venturing too far outside the city center. If you do, research it carefully and be well prepared.



Although beautiful, Australia doesn’t have the best history open-mindedness. Remember the White Australia policy back in the day that basically banned non-European migrants from settling? More than half of Australians think that immigration levels over the past 10 years have gotten “too high.” Thank u, next. Pass and instead move on to the equally stunning biodiversity of New Zealand.

Now, let’s shift our attention towards the countries that celebrate diversity and welcome folks of all backgrounds to their motherlands.



A multicultural mosaic of wonders, rating second on the social progress index. This country excels at tolerance and meeting their citizens’ basic human needs. Hospitality is the law of this land, which is usually filled with polite and progressive attitudes. Lots of this is thanks to Justin Trudeau, collective bae of the internet and also progressive prime minister.

New Zealand

new zealand.jpg

Not only is this land a beautiful backdrop that transports you to Lord of the Rings, but Kiwis celebrate indigenous culture in a big way. It doesn’t have a spot free post-colonial record, but New Zealand has mostly embraced the government protected Maori as opposed to suppressing them, Maori language is well preserved all over and there are cultural centers focusing on education surrounding their people.



Luxembourg offers the easiest access to legal rights, ranking high in personal freedom, free speech. They also have very tolerant attitudes towards minorities and immigrants. Although Brussels is nearby and has an infamously sour attitude towards immigrants, travelers can rest assured that Luxembourg is quite different.



Portugal and the UK had the lowest rates of racial violence in 2016, but for when you don’t feel like exposing yourself to the dreary, grey (although historically rich) cobblestoned roads of the UK, airy and bright Portugal might be a better option. Instead of the famous option of Libson, explore Porto’s breathtaking landscape.