Ashanti x PrettyLittleThing Bring Curvy Island Girl Fire

Ashanti x PrettyLittleThing Bring Curvy Island Girl Fire feature.jpg

The rise of fashion brands like PrettyLittleThing and Fashion Nova have proliferated over the past few years. It’s the same fast fashion as we’ve seen out of the likes of H&M, with a focus on a streetwear aesthetic and a curvier demographic.

We’re here for this celebration of full-bodied women, and so are celebrities who are teaming up with these brands for conscious, and let’s be real, sizzling, fashion collaborations.

The first major collaboration came between Cardi B and Fashion Nova. The rapper has been a dedicated fan of the fashion brand since before she reached viral fame, lending to a truly organic and authentic partnership between the two entities.

The most recently released collaboration that we’re the most excited for is the Ashanti and PrettyLittleThing collection. We’re not sure what Ashanti has been doing for the past few years, but she’s come back with a snatched goddess figure and a desire for women to “embrace their bodies” with her PLT collection.

Working alongside the PLT team and her sister’s digital creative agency, Ashanti ultimately came up with a 74 piece collection of holiday wear options, with a tropical but global aesthetic. All pieces are available in sizes 4-24, eliminating the concept of the ‘perfect zero’ and making looks accessible to a range of women.

She desired to tackle swimwear as opposed to outerwear because it’s a garment that really puts the spotlight on feeling confident and sexy. She wants women to feel their own glow up in her inclusive swimsuit line, which features lots of fearless and ferocious animal prints paired with edgy features like neon and high sheen metallics.

Our favourite look would have to be the first look featured on the PLT x Ashanti page, with statement belt pared with a neon green mixed animal print look and old school girl group chaps. The mood is early 2000s, the official era of Ashanti, but she somehow manages to make the looks contemporary instead of having a stale, has-been vibe.

For female musicians nowadays, their entrepreneurship and investments seem to be based on the concept of empowerment, whether that’s through diversity in color, size, or shape. We really hope that a Lizzo lingerie line comes out soon…designers, take note!