Becoming A Vegan

When on one of my daily, late night, Instagram scrolls, it isn’t that peculiar for me to run into a joke about vegans. Usually something along the lines of vegans not being able to shut up about being vegan, or how vegans eat only grass like a bunny would. Everyone makes fun of everyone, so that’s fine, I get it. I just wish people would realize how much of a difference vegans are actually making in the world, and consider to take the easy journey to become one.

Being vegan means that you don’t eat any animal products whatsoever (milk, cheese, butter, eggs, fish sauce, gelatin, etc.), not to be confused with vegetarianism that allows for animal byproducts like the earlier mentioned. I myself have been vegan now for almost 3 years. I had tried the dietary switch once before a few years earlier and failed shortly after beginning. I lived on a diet of tofu and coffee, and although yes, I was vegan, I wasn’t being healthy about it. Through a bit of research and testing with my diet, I have now found a way to eat amazing food, feel healthy, and know that I am making a positive impact on not only the lives of animals, but also the environment. 

It was on New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam that a lover boy of mine and I had made a deal that after the clock striked 12, we would be vegan together. I stuffed my face for the days leading up to this with all sorts of meats, fish, and cheeses, thinking I would miss them dearly. After I had my last piece of unagi sushi, I haven’t looked back, and am so thankful for it. Many people decide to slowly cut things from their diet until they reach a natural regimen of veggie based meals, but I went the quick route. There is no reason for the need to slowly change your diet other than making it a normality, I think the quick change works just as well, if not better (as you don’t forget the goal and become lazy with getting there).

People often ask me, “Why vegan? Why not just vegetarian?”. I find this to be an important question and am glad when people ask. Those who are unaware of the factory farming industry tend to think there is nothing wrong with eating eggs and milk as animals aren’t slaughtered for the cause--this is inaccurate. Female cows are killed if they are no longer able to procreate, baby cows are tied up at a distance from their mothers so that their cries make the mothers produce more milk, female chickens are piled on top of each other and murdered when they no longer lay enough eggs. It’s utterly gruesome, not to even mention what they do to the animals that they keep for meat… 

Veganism has many benefits for one’s personal health. After making the switch I dropped about 15 pounds, and felt far healthier with more energy and clearer skin. Studies show that going vegan can help lower cholesterol and risk of diabetes, reverse heart disease, completely remove exposure to animal hormones, kickoff weight loss, and lower risk of disease. One of my personal favorite things is that I can eat a LOT and not gain weight… that’s the dream, no? 

By eradicating animal consumption, we would be able to make large strides for the well-being of the planet. We would reduce the severity of global warming, rainforest destruction, pollution, save massive amounts of drinking water for humans worldwide, and aid in the protection of the oceans. If everyone were to go vegan, we would be able to save lives, those of people and animals alike.

For some people, being vegan sounds impossible. They think it’s too expensive, too difficult, or they’d be left hungry after eating, but it doesn’t have to be any of those things. Buying a head of broccoli is far cheaper than getting a “slab of meat”, and not to mention, healthier! Keep in mind though, if you decide to go vegan and you have a diet that consists solely of Oreos (yes, vegan) and non-dairy ice cream, you won’t be feeling dandy, it’s still crap food, just of the
more friendly sort.

My suggestion? Just give it a shot. Take 2 weeks, and try to eat a vegan diet. You’d be shocked to see all of the things you never bothered to try at the grocery store, and by all of the fun new recipes you can try. Do some research, find some vegan restaurants near you, watch some documentaries on the impact of veganism. I am so pleased to be vegan, and am proud of my decision every day and I don’t doubt that you will be too! Whenever I look at my plate, I know
that no animal suffered, and that I’m part of a community that is helping the environment, and myself. That-- feels beautiful.