BigOven is the Best Recipe App of 2017

BigOven app.png

With over 350,000 + recipes, you’ll be addicted to cooking after you discover this app. It’s a cookbook, meal planner, and grocery list all in one, making it ideal for organization-savvy neat freaks with a folder for everything on their phone. The more social side of the app lets you peer into what the community is cooking up, making it a bit more interactive and perfect for recipe inspiration. BigOven has been featured in Buzzfeed, and for good reason, with over 12 million downloads to date. Forget cookbooks! (Cue your mother gasping). But seriously, this is your new modern guide to home cooking. If you take a pic of a family recipe, they’ll upload it for you. 

As far as the list feature goes, wouldn’t it be much easier to have a neatly typed up menu plan or grocery list that you can share via email and print to put up on your fridge? Way better than scribbled notes in faded pencil that you’re squinting to decipher later, or yelling at someone else for deciphering incorrectly.

BigOven also has a useful and eco-friendly tool called “used up leftovers” that helps you avoid waste by using up what’s sitting in your fridge - type up to 3 ingredients, and they’ll show you recipe options! Menus are curated by different filters like course, holiday, lifestyle, or season.
There’s a pro option that is more personalized to your lifestyle and diet, along with meal planning tools and unlimited recipe uploads, but going pro doesn’t make or break the experience, in our eyes, so don’t feel pressured to pay.

BigOven app 2.png

BigOven’s user base is more thriving than many other recipe option websites and apps, and part of that is due to a more user-friendly UI. It’s an app that actually makes you want to cook, rather than just hoarding recipes that you never use, and has other organizational features that will make all things grocery related a breeze instead of impending doom. 

Download BigOven on: Google Play | App Store