Black Panther Trailer: Finally the Hero the World Needs

Black Panther Trailer

So the trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther movie has finally dropped and a lot of people are justifiably excited for this. For many newcomers to the comic book world,  Marvel’s Civil War event in the third Captain America movie was their first introduction to the hero that is Black Panther, and jaws were dropped by the few scenes he was in. That stellar on-foot highway chase scene standing out in particular. 

Seems T’Challa (his real name) is finally getting the on-screen treatment he’s deserved for years now, and if the trailer hinting at it gives us any clue at how good Black Panther will be, this is going to truly be a cinematic event for all to see. 

Side note, whoever cast Andy Serkis (Gollum from LOTR) as the bad guy needs to win an award for casting, as his sinister sneer looks like it will make for a great villain for us all to hate.
Black Panther releases in theaters February 16, 2018.