CodeSwitch Game Is Too Strong

A team of five, including a professor and a former elementary school principal, cocreated
a new card game that highlights a common phenomenon in Black culture –

Ramon and Candice Hargons, teamed up with Amber Lewis, Tamela Patterson, and
Crystal McCorkle, launched CodeSwitch on February 1, 2017, reaching over 2000
people on the first day. They are currently pre-selling for a Spring 2017 release date.

Launching CodeSwitch during Black History Month was ideal because there is such
richness in our culture. We get to highlight that in addition to the cards
,” said Candice.
They feature 28 days of people they’re calling Consummate CodeSwitchers – the first
Black graduates of predominantly White universities – as a part of their promotion.
Game play is flexible, with an Us v. Dem (Teams) option and a Wild Out (Individuals)
options. Each card has three clues with the potential to earn three, two, or one points
depending on which clue a person guesses the answer. Card categories include
phrases and lyrics, and if you sing or rap the lyrics, you get five points. On the first
promo day, people across social media heard the video clue, “I have various women as
my sex partners in different states.
” Many indicated they earned five points by guessing
and singing the lyrics to Ludacris’ “Area Codes.”

When friends get together to play CodeSwitch, the goal is a nostalgic, energetic
performance and a celebration of our linguistic prowess. It takes an underrated type of
intelligence to codeswitch

Right now, the team is focused on releasing the OG (Original Game) pack, but they
have discussed several packs for different regions in the US, church goers, and
members of the Divine Nine. They’ve already had a request for a Spanglish
CodeSwitch, so broadening their reach is definitely a possibility. Ramon said, “I knew
we were on to something when my mom called me at 1 am to let me know she had a
card idea too. We didn’t know it would have cross-generational reach, but we love it
Candice added, “we recently got married and when we created our family vision, we
knew creativity was one of the cores for both of us. It’s dope to get to make something
so fun with my best friend and our amazing team

CodeSwitch is on presale at for $16 during Black History

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