Con Man Poses As President of Supreme In China

Supreme liar.jpg

Since we were little kids, people have told us that being a liar and a fraud would get you nowhere! Turns out that if you’re convincing enough, then you can possibly get a few multi-million dollar deals before you end up being caught. This is exactly what happened to the con man who swindled business owners and clothing brands based in China for millions by pretending to be the president of Supreme! 

The con man was able to trick multiple businesses in China by pretending to be the “president” of Supreme, managing to sign multiple fraudulent collaboration and business deals which were worth millions of dollars. He began his master plan of deception by attending and participating in high profile events on behalf of Supreme, fooling those who were eager to collaborate and be a part of the exclusive brand. 

While no information has yet to be released regarding the swindler, videos of the imposter participating in a few highly publicized events with other brands in China have began to circulate throughout social media. The latest video to surface shows the fake president of Supreme participating in a signing event at a four-star hotel in Dongguan.

The craziest part of the debacle is that the impostor may have been hired by a Chinese brand to purposely sign these fraudulent deals with other retailers and brands who were looking to collaborate with Supreme. The company that allegedly hired to the unknown man to pretend to be the president of Supreme is OXN, a clothing brand that is based out of Dongguan, in the Guangdong province near Shenzhen. 

While there have been other wild and crazy stories of people scamming and finessing this year, this takes the cake as an imposter was able to trick multiple brands in China with this scam. Check out the video of the imposter at a signing event to see the finesse in action, and be sure to be careful of scammers who are only pretending to be a part of your favorite brand!