Crossover Culture: The Rookie Of The Shoe Game

It’s not very often that you hear about new brands of basketball sneakers coming in as direct competition to major sneaker companies such as Nike and Adidas. If you have heard of a few, then chances are that they did not make the major waves and sales figures that were expected. Despite this, the chances of Crossover Culture becoming a contender are very high! If style equals staying power, and sneakerheads are willing to give something new a try, the brand is sure to take off soon!

Each of the sneaker models are built with the brand’s patent “LP Energy System”, which is a foam cushion engineered by Crossover Culture’s chemical research partners. This, along with the brand’s “Wishbone Suspension” offers many benefits to the wearer, including stability, impact protection and support. Also, the lightweight material is designed for comfort and simplicity while still keeping shape and appearance. While the new brand has quite a few models that vary in style, the main ones that stand out the most are the Sniper LP, (and Sniper Lo LP). Fortune LP, and Crafted MIL sneakers. 

The Fortune LP and Sniper LP both use similar tooling, with subtle differences in the design along the uppers of the sneaker and more designs on the body of the Fortune LP. The simple and modern look combined the bold design of the material makes the Sniper LP and Sniper LP Lo extremely eye catching. The Fortune LP’s designs choice with the straps along the upper, design with logo on the sides and high-top silhouette makes it look more like a popular basketball shoe, while still maintaining the uniqueness of the new brand. 

The Crafted MIL goes for a simple, yet bold look for a basketball sneaker. The high top silhouette along with the straps alongside the upper middle gives the sneaker a little extra flare to it’s design.  The subtle black and white colorway does justice to the build and design of the sneaker as well, however, the sneaker has multiple color schemes that fit it very well. 

If you want to be the first in your neighborhood to be on top of the latest hot brand, then you don’t have to wait long because Crossover Culture’s shoe lineup just dropped on February 10th. Will the Crossover Culture by on your buy list for the month of February? Will you be the only person in your circle who is hip to the new brand, or will everyone and their mother be wearing them soon after they release? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.