DJs Still Break Records For Artists, So Get in the Pool!

DJs still break records, so get in the pool.jpeg

The advancement in the ways we CAN hear music - hasn't changed the way we DO hear music.

If you live in a town where there is no local hip-hop, Latin or RnB station (like I do) and want to hear those genres? You're using a streaming service or online radio station.

Even then, there's no guarantee you're going to hear NEW undiscovered vibes.

Stations and streaming services tend to give more exposure to tracks by artists who are already popular. If you go to Soundcloud, Audiomack or Spinrilla right now (without logging in). You'll see lots of the artists being displayed as suggested listens are artists we've already heard of or already signed.

So how can listeners who don't see your music first - find you? Outside of submitting music to indie blogs or playlists that curators frequent, there's only one other way - The DJ.

Everyone has at least once heard a song in the club that they didn't hear on the radio so they had to ask "who is THAT?!" and the DJ says the name of an artist they've never heard of. They get home and maybe google the artist, find their YouTube channel or Instagram and it'll be all because of the DJ pools.

DJ pools are databases of thousands of MP3s. Some DJ pool subscriptions come automatically with a DJ’s mixing software. The turntablist is able to access this database of music for a flat fee rather than buy each and every track they need. On Reverbnation one of its partners digital DJ pool allowed me to set up an artist account to upload my indie tracks. DJs all over the world can listen to my tracks give feedback, download and even play them in the club's or radio stations they work at. I can even see which DJs, clubs and radio stations checked me out. Allowing me to keep up with their events on social media, thank them for spinning my record, and even plan which cities to consider touring based on venues already playing my music.

So artists, strive to get your tracks into pools as they're a critical service that almost all DJs subscribe to; you never know which influential DJ may discover and take an interest in your song. Here's a list of few that you can try to get on. Some are free, some are not but all are worth it. Always #RespectTheDJ