DOPEST Looks of West Indian Day Parade 2019

DOPEST Looks of West Indian Day Parade 2019.jpeg

The West Indian Parade has been a Labor Day tradition in New York City for a long time - since 1947, to be exact. The parade is a celebration of the unity between all different Caribbean backgrounds and is the Carnival of NYC.

It is and has always been an empowering event - while the parade started in Harlem in 1947, it had its permit revoked in 1964. Only 5 years later in 1969 was it approved to be held in Crown Heights’s Eastern Parkway - the same location that it is held today.

In 2019, it’s all about the fierce outfits and makeup looks, as well as the nom-worthy West Indian eats scattered throughout the parade. Celebs like Justine Skye, Jessie Woo, and Nia Jervier of Netflix’s “Dear, White People” all showed up in their brightest and finest, despite the rainy weather.

This parade is a bold and beautiful celebration of culture, music, solidarity, and acceptance. Here are the top looks that dazzled us from the parade.

We had to start out with the flawless Justine Skye who showed up as the flyest purple bird of paradise we’ve ever seen. From her flawlessly fitted chest piece to that artfully bejeweled widows peak…we have no words.

And effortless second place goes to Dear White People’s Nia Jervier, who came out looking like an all-pink, demanding attention with her pink boa and ruched thigh highs.

The less famous people had their moment to shine as well - especially the grand winner of the 2019 West Indian American Day Parade, who dazzled and took up tons of space with her magnificent feather and mesh display and contagious smile.

We love the pink wiring and string detail, especially around the thigh garter. One of the more understated looks of the event that still made quite the statement.

Of course Jessie Woo had to come through repping the Haitians in her darling blue and purple look that showed off all the right curves.

We’re obsessed with the feather-work and detailing on this beauty’s back piece and harness. Plus, that gold chain headpiece is giving us completely regal Cleopatra vibes - it’s clear from her presence that this queen is already a force of nature!

Is this woman walking down the street, or a gorgeous wildfire setting New York ablaze. This photo and its fiery energy almost makes us forget that there was any cloud in the sky.

This page is mainly an homage to the beautiful femmes who strutted their stuff for the parade, but this low key couple was too previous not to capture. From the chic bra to the jewel details that highlight her voluptuous figure, her king lets her shine in this shot.

Detail and nuanced hues are everything in this look, which gives us everything from red, purple, and yellow. We love the detailed arm pieces that connect to the main look, as well as the face paint details and her luscious natural curls.

Orange was the color of choice in this outfit, and this bae rocks the look with no others. A sea of orange plumage behind her, her top and bottom piece remain classic with a sexy hoop detail on the pelvis, and tribal inspired wrist piece and garters.

In a sea of traditional feather head and back pieces, this extremely unique headpiece almost looks like an extension of her hair - the meticulous beading in this midnight blue and reptile green look is on point, especially when paired with a subtle sheen of body sparkle.