Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Review

Spiderman: Homecoming movie review

Being the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the newest Spider-Man reboot means that Spider-Man: Homecoming has big shoes to fill. With fans who loved the original Sam Raimi series (well, at least the first two), and past films in the MCU being major hits, many are wondering whether this film will fill the shoes of previous films. The answer is a strong, resounding YES!

Hardcore fans of the comics may have their concerns regarding the way the film manages to bring Spider-Man to life, especially considering how past film series has made mistakes. I can tell you right now that any worries or concerns about what the film gets right or wrong in regards of relating back to the comics will be lifted once you watch this film. Everything that you hoped they makers of this film gets right, they get right! Everything that fans were worried they would get wrong, the studio manages to avoid.

Although this is an action film, the dialogue and story are the bread and butter of this film. Seeing Peter Parker interact with friends and family as a teenager manages to actually bring a few laughs, something that was missing in the Spider-Man films of the past. During the action scenes, we still manage to get the wisecracking Spider-Man that we loved from the animated series. The film definitely made the right decision in making the school more diverse and changing the characters slightly instead of retelling the same high school origin story by relying on types. The interactions between a young Peter Parker, Tony Starks, Aunt May, his classmates, and even the villains all manage to feel fresh and realistic, mostly avoiding common tropes and clichés that we have become all too familiar with in similar stories. 

When it comes to the villain, Marvel Studios seems to have paid attention to past criticisms of their film antagonists. Everything about The Vulture in this film is done right, from the fresh take on the origin story, to the way his suit and abilities were modernized. Although Vulture’s appearances tend to be sparse when it comes to him fighting Spider-Man, his appearances manage to be tense and exciting, especially with a great performance by Michael Keaton. 

The Vulture

Despite everything being done so well in the film, there are still a few tropes and obligatory cheesy moments that need to be a part of a comic book film. Some characters lack the depth and personality that is present in the other performances. Also, if you’re a stickler for movies staying completely true to the comic book, you may be slightly bothered by the lack of certain aspects from the comics and animated series. However, these things are not prevalent enough to take you out of the film, and certainly don’t stop the film from being one of the top films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you’re a diehard fan of Marvel and Spider-Man this is a must see! If you’re looking for a good summer blockbuster that you can have a lot of fun seeing in the theaters, this is a must see. While Civil War and other films in the MCU may have been a little bit stronger, Spider-Man: 
Homecoming is definitely high on the list of not only movies in the MCU, but super hero films in general. 

Score: 9 out of 10