Fashion Nova's New Men’s Line Is Garbage

Yup Fashion Nova just went there. The notorious THOT and Video Vixen booty brand has finally come out with a men's brand, and we’re not entirely sure what to think. Now girls can buy their bae some essentials while picking up their nude, skintight body suit, right? While we initially thought it would be a sort of Kanye X Bieber aesthetic, what this brand actually attempted in reality came out even worse, if possible. The promotion versus the reality of the line is disappointingly different. 

It’s essentially “f*ckboy apparel jumping on the Supreme-gone-cheap bandwagon, and not really doing it that well. The line is weirdly more expensive than the famously cheap women’s line, and that’s probably because they can’t use as much cheap polyester and spandex as they do for bodysuits.

Their basic tees and button downs don’t seem that bad. But looks like their black and white tracksuits and embarrassingly tight, badly acid-washed skinny jeans aren’t as easy on the eyes. 

We’re not sure what the consumer couldn’t already get from Adidas and Forever 21 that they could get their hands on here. It looks like the designer did some casual market research on big box brands and did a sad imitation to try to reap some benefits. Unfortunately, we don’t think there will be many.

The models and overall styling are just as confused. If dudes are looking get some comfy, lounge at home outfits, then by all means, grab your Sunday morning staples. If you’re looking to go out to the club or dinner with your girl, we can’t promise that it’ll be received well.

Something they definitely needed to rework were the silhouettes (and overall tightness of sweats andeans that even Biebs would raise an eyebrow at). Take their union track pants fo example, with a bizarre white inseam that can only make a  mans’ legs look like chopsticks, with the worst optical illusion in the world. 

If guys want to match with their girl, this is a feasible option. But there’s plenty of streetwear stores that already cater to this look, and we don’t see where they carve a space for themselves in menswear, especially in contrast to their women’s curve-hugging niche.

Instead of coming out with 500 new boring looks for men that kind of resemble a satire line, we wish they would come out with a more innovative and creative addition to their women’s line, and left the menswear to the more imaginative experts. Social users appreciate the effort, but have the general consensus that it’s garbage. What do you guys think?