Five Upcoming Video Game Releases That Will Amaze

With fall upon us now and Christmas only being a few months away, we are about to head into the best time of the year for video games. Many of the biggest and most high-profile video games release in the fall and winter, and the upcoming few months are no different. There are a boatload of games that are releasing in the coming months that are sure to amaze, and here are five of them.

1. Dishonored 2

When it was released in 2012, the stealth and adventure game called Dishonored was a major hit. It was praised for the freedom it gives players, while still putting a big focus on individuals missions and the overarching narrative. The game was one of the top selling games on Steam and won various different awards. In development of the sequel, the creators listened to criticism and have made additions and alterations to the game such as making it more difficult. The changes have worked as it was named one of the best games at E3 in 2016, on top of winning other awards. 

2. Titanfall 2

There are certain games that just get hyped more than almost any else, and Titanfall definitely fits in that category. The FPS in which people control their mech-style Titans, won an amazing 60 awards at its reveal at the 2013 E3 event. It sold millions and the success warranted a sequel. The game will share a similar vibe to the first, but has the addition of a full single-player story mode, which was a main gripe people had about the first game. This shows they are listening to the community, which is normally the recipe for an amazing game.

3. Watch Dogs 2

The first installment in this series followed a hacker in an open world environment and was one of the most unique offerings in recent memory. There was a ton of mission variety and they paid close attention to making sure their hacking elements (the main selling point of the game) were amazing. But the upcoming sequel will surely build off of this success and be even better. Extensive research has gone into the sequel, as actual hackers were consulted with to make it as realistic as possible, which means it will surely amaze.

4. Battlefield 1

While Call of Duty is probably the biggest and most popular FPS, Battlefield is a close second. But there hasn’t been a new release (in terms of a main entry) since 2013, but that is about to change. Battlefield 1 will take place in the times of World War 1 and is EA’s first foray into a World War 1 game since Wings of Glory in 1994. This game will surely take us on an amazing trip down memory lane to World War 1 in a visually stimulating way that only the Battlefield series can do.

5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Each and every year, the release of Call of Duty is among the most hyped releases in the gaming world. While this year was no different, the series is taking a major risk and a major step forward. This game will take place in space, which is a new step for the Call of Duty series. While some fans and critics are mixed about this, there is no doubting that this new direction for the franchise will surely amaze and be a welcomed change for a series that can often be seen as stale.


Kale Havervold has been a writer and content creator for years and looks to inform, entertain and educate with his writing.