"Forest" Is The Best Productivity App To Prevent Phone Addiction

Forest app

There are tons of organization and productivity apps out there, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they still lead to you picking up your phone, when you should in fact be doing the exact opposite in an attempt to be productive!

There’s finally a revolutionary app that will actually make you put down your phone, instead of bringing you right back to that addictive glowing screen. Whether you need to stop procrastinating your work, or just want to work on being more social and putting your phone down, “Forest: Stay Focused, Be Present” will help you accomplish that goal. 

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It’s called “Forest” because it starts with the user planting a seed in Forest. Following this, a tree will start to grow. Between the initial planting and the final result of a fully grown tree, the app needs to be left open, AKA you can’t touch your phone. If you leave the app to go on Facebook or do anything else, the tree dies and you need to start from square one. It provides a sense of achievement as well as responsibility (without the need to water a real-life plant). Sn not only do you slowly gain more focus and beat your phone addiction, but all of your focused time turns into beautiful forestry, over time.

Recent updates include new tree/bush species and competing with users around the world. you can set the time you need to focus, from minutes to hours. Great for kids and adults, so load it up on the fam iPad! Only downside we can think of is if you get so obsessed with your trees progress that you keep checking your phone anyway. Ah, self-discipline, how fleeting you can be!

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