Funnel is the Ultimate News Curation App for the iPhone and iPad

Funnel mobile news app.png

We all know the feeling of swiping between different news sources on our phones, in an attempt to get an unbiased perspective on what’s going on in the world. Do you ever wish that you could curate your news feed from different sources (everything but FOX), just like you can with a Facebook mini-feed? Well, with news curation app Funnel, you can. It’s based on Google News, and is akin to having one radio station that streams a diverse variety of content, keeping everything fresh, updated and informative (as well as keeping everything unbiased). Funnel brings you audible news from BBC, NPR, and CBC, amongst many other networks. News sources are presented as color-coded cards, with headlines on them. The size of the headline font corresponds to the importance of the news stories based on how many related articles exist, presenting things in a pleasant visual manner. If you tap a card, it starts your audio summary. The way the cards interact are also visually pleasing with a seamless design. The news is updated on an hourly basis, so you’re never getting stale info.  

The app supports news from the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, the UK, Italy, and the Netherlands, with corresponding language selections. It’s $2.99 on the app store, but isn’t that more worth it than the hassle of having 5 different news apps? You can easily navigate through autoplay, autostart, and reminders. The sound quality is optimal, which is vital as a mostly audio-based news app. Sometimes, all the visual, traumatizing news and accompanying images that we see on TV can make you depressed. Instead, this delivers it for your listening pleasure, in a more digestible format. Hopefully, they’ll add more news sources, but the current pool is very informative as is. Funnel is an elegant audio news app which reminds us, sometimes we need to close our eyes and meditate as we listen to all the hectic things going on around us - it helps us keep our cool, and we think it might do the same for you.

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