Calling All Artists: Customize Your Microphone With Colorware Shure SM58

Colorware Shure SM58 customized mics

For some, the studio is their second home. For those who build their own studio from the ground up, the studio is their own personal sanctuary. This is why when it comes to building your own studio, the perfect combination of reliable equipment and having your own personality and “feng shui” is the key to making sure you never want to stop working on your craft. For artists on the road, having your own signature style when performing is important as well. This is why customizing the Shure SM58 via Colorware is a must for those looking for a reliable microphone while personalizing to fit their swag!

Produced since 1966, the Shure SM58 has been a trusted and industry approved piece of equipment. The award-winning microphone will definitely give you the performance you would usually expect, now with the customization options to truly make it feel like it’s yours thanks to Colorware. The Colorware site allows you to choose from up to 58 different solid and metallic colors, as well as matte and gloss finishes. Customers will also have a choice between customizing the Shure SM58 and the wireless Shure QLX-D24 SM58. 

One of the top leading microphones in the industry, now with the ability to fully customize the color scheme, where can you go wrong? For $150, you’ll definitely get enough bang for your buck! This is definitely a must buy for those who bring their own equipment to their performances or looking to build their studio from the ground up. Visit now to buy the customized microphones, as well as other gadgets, including gaming systems, headphones and computers.