Good And Bad First Date Ideas

First dates can be extremely nerve-racking, no matter if you are a teenager or a full blown adult. It can be hard to know what to wear, what to talk about and even what to do. In an order to help you out, here are some good and bad first date ideas. 

Bad – A Movie

While this is among the most popular first date ideas (especially for teens), it is not a good idea. It is perhaps one of the most comfortable first dates, but it involves little to no interaction between you and your date. A first date should help you get to know the other person, and watching movies doesn’t accomplish that very well.

Good – Dinner With a Live Performance

Now this is a good and healthy medium. A plain old dinner can sometimes lead to some awkward silences if you run out of things to do, while a movie leads you to not even talk at all. A dinner with a live band, comedy performance, theater or some other form of entertainment present, will allow you to be quiet and enjoy the entertainment but also talk too. 

Bad – A Party

One of the worst places to bring a brand new love interest on a date is a party with your friends. Not only will this make them pretty nervous from the get go, there is the chance you will focus more on your friends than her or him. A first date should almost always be something that you and your date can do things together and focus on each other, not be distracted by dozens of other people. 

Good – Mini-Golf or Another Simple (Yet Competitive) Activity

If you want to do something more interesting and different than a simple dinner or coffee date, going mini-golfing is a great idea. It gets you out and moving, and allows for a bit of fun competition between you and then without getting “too” competitive. In addition to Mini-golf there are lots of other things you can do such as bowling or pool.

Bad – A Concert

This is in a similar vein to going to a movie, but often even worse. If you are just going on a first date with a person, it is unlikely that you know that much about their musical preferences. So if you take them to a concert put on by an artist or band that they don’t like, it may hurt your chances for a second date because they didn’t enjoy the first. 

Good – A Walk in the Park Or a Hike

This one is weather-permitting of course, but if the weather is nice, this may just be the best option for a first date. Not only can you get out in some gorgeous weather, but it is also a more informal first date which can help conversation be easier and make both of you less nervous. Plus, if there is a really cool park or mountain near your town, this date idea can also help you see some amazing views.