Guys: Fashion Tips to Look the Most Fly This Fall

All White Everything

White is timeless for every season, and it’s a super clean way to transition into fall. For the warmer days, try this long white overcoat with a loose white tee and over the knee shorts, paired with white socks pulled up and converse. Unpretentious, simple, and fresh. For when it cools down, upgrade those shorts to trousers and try adding a white puffer coat, a collared shirt, and whatever that badass hooded fur vest is.


Chains And Pendants 

Instead of blinging out with heavy chains or pukka shells this season like some Fashion Week attendees decided to go with, we’re a fan of the simple, thin double chain. A simple layered look that pairs subtly with most outfits. It looks just as good with this striped turtleneck and leather blazer as it does with a button down layered over a long tee. The track pants and Supreme cap are a bold pairing, but pretty legit. Would you try?


Track Suits

Speaking of track pants. Hasn’t a tracksuit been the most comfy athleisure staple for decades? Elevate yours with clean lines, colors, and shoe pairings. Take the heather gray Valentino ensemble on the left, paired with a just a white tee and a duffle. The perfect travel ensemble. Or this navy, less bulky look, also paired with a white tee, and cut with a minimal white line running down the side. Lesson: keep it relatively monochromatic, and always have a white tee on hand!



Normcore, or dadcore, as some are calling it, might be a little confusing to some, but we’re feeling it. If the idea of a fresh, modern take on Seinfeld meets Steve Jobs. Homie on the right is 100 percent channeling Steve, with that briefcase and dad jean combo. The light blush outfit on the left is a little more street, and probably safer for those who aren’t aiming for middle aged caucasian dad as the goal aesthetic. 


Oversized Coats

This was a hit with the ladies and the gents this year - and since when has a massive, cozy coat ever felt wrong? The puffer look on the right has trendy layering and collar details, and even paired with a simple tracksuit and beanie, looks stylish. Comfort and swag all in one! The collared blazer on the left is a little more sleek, with a smooth midnight-blue finish and baggy sweater sleeves that extend pass the jacket cuff. Both looks are easy to pull off with low-maintenance kicks, which is important.

oversized coat.png


We love the way that plaid is making a comeback this season, in both punk and gentlemanly interpretations that look equally dope. Bye, greasy looking Kurt Cobain flannels. Hello tailored, clean lines on a trench with loafers and jeans. We also love this very editorial orange-red look that is perfect for autumn. The chain somehow isn’t annoying and manages to give a cool rebel look when paired with that hanging shirt buckle and belt.  


Hawaiian Shirts

It might be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean that bright prints have to go out the door. Try a more muted palettes with a simple white tee like this bearded fellow on the left, or a louder look like this the red shirt on the right paired with navy ankle grazers instead of black. Floral doesn’t just have to be for the ladies!

hawaiian shirts.png