Holiday Cheer

There are so many songs of holiday cheer
One after the next I seem to hear
From far before the season is near
It feels as though it’s already here

As a kid this time was filled with joy
Hot chocolate, candy, and many a toy
Gifts arrived, hidden, like the Horse of Troy
Made it from North Pole to tree with a grandeur ‘ahoy’

As you get older and begin to understand
You are sheltered, spoiled, and are simply a brand
Of ‘lucky’ child that has a hand
To let them be gifted with love and season so grande

There are children, like you, but they are hungry
Living in some far away, desolate country
On that day their not feeling so snuggly
While you’re looking down at your piled gifts smugly

Families start to dissipate
And for the holidays you stop to anticipate
Without the the desire to participate
Feeling lonely without a mate

The cookies seem pointless, and so does the cheer
And the dreading of the soon approaching New Year
And knowing that things just aren’t so clear
Just wishing your inner child was here