Interview with ChopShop Web Series Founder And Host Jay D

We are proud to connect with Flatbush native Jay D, the founder and host of ChopShop, a brand new web series that airs on every other Wednesday on YouTube. During each episode you can find Jay D chopping it up with young creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs who are all on their own journey to becoming a mogul. During this Q&A, we ask Jay D about his motivation to launch the ChopShop web series, where he plans to take the brand in the future, how he defines hustling, and much more. 

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What motivated you to create the ChopShop web series? 

I felt like millennials on their grind didn't get enough shine. They have stories just like people that achieved large success already. However  I could relate more to someone that's still going through the journey in comparison to someone that has peaked success already. Knowing that there is millennials that are trying to figure out their paths, I thought I'll help inspire those millennials through conversations with millennials that are perfecting their craft or young moguls in their industry.

What's your thought process behind who you decide to interview on the ChopShop? Do they have to have met a certain level of notoriety and cultural relevance?  

I get together with my team I tell them which industry I want to learn about whether it be health & fitness, photography, or make up. We then look to see who stands out in that field after that we look really hard to find who is making the most noise. There is no criteria, you just have to be on your grind and have a notable story. 

What's the next level for the ChopShop? In other words, where do you want to take the ChopShop brand?

The next level is to eventually take ChopShop nationwide. Speak to young entrepreneurs and creatives in different states; maybe even countries. Hoping to take this vision and message onto a TV network.  

ChopShop web-series

Tell us about your travels to LA, Austin, Philly, London & Trinidad & Tobago. What did you learn about yourself abroad and differences in lifestyle and culture in those locales as opposed to that of NYC?

I traveled before on family vacations but in 2015 when I traveled by myself to these places. I realized I'm just a Brooklyn kid in a very big world. People live very differently outside of New York City. For instance in LA, its very laid back. Just like Trinidad & Tobago, its always a party vibe there. London was good because it was so reserved, people over there didn't make a fuss about much. When I would go to these places I stuck out like a sore thumb by the way I speak and moved, I was just moving fast so people would notice right away I was form NYC. So I had to try to adapt to how they move. This is when I learned people from different regions think and operate differently. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I see myself on TV. 

How do you define hustling?

Hustling is working towards your vision or a bigger goal. Some people hustle for money or some can hustle to get to that Vice President position they always wanted. As long as you're staying busy and active towards a bigger dream, not taking no for an answer, being persistent you are hustling. 

If you could pick the brain of any successful black entrepreneur for advice and words of wisdom, who would you select?

It would be two black entrepreneur's I can't just choose one. So of course it would have to be Sean 'Puffy' Combs and Oprah. His business ventures have all done well and she has broken many barriers put against her.

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