Is 15-Year Old Art and Fashion Sensation Evan Sharma the Next Da Vinci?

Is 15-Year Old Art and Fashion Sensation Evan Sharma the Next Da Vinci.jpg

Today, teens that rise to fame on the internet are usually either Instagram sensations, celebrities’ kids, or getting their viral 15 minutes for an embarrassing clip.

It’s hard to find young kids with a passion for something tangible and timeless, like Evan Sharma. This 15 year old artist isn’t inspired by the the cookie cutter ideas that are manufactured to Generation X. Instead, he finds himself titillated by the likes of DaVinci and Basquiat.

You can see stylistic similarities that pay homage to past artists and expressionism without feeling derivative. Some might call this a shtick, but Sharma’s career seems to be skyrocketing at a young age with no sign of slowing down.

He’s become an influencer in his own right, with his paintings selling at up to $20,000 to high profile collectors hailing from everywhere from Dubai to New York. He’s also the youngest artist ever to display work at famous Toronto art fair “The Artist Project”, exploding in popularity from there on.

It all started five years ago, when Sharma visited the Louvre Museum in Paris with his family. At just ten years old, he marveled not just at the technical skill of the art he witnessed, but at the feeling that it created within him - the apparent spark to his prodigy-like journey. Returning home to Ontario, Canada, Sharma started to recreate that feeling through his own original art pieces.

The mediums are usually acrylic paint on large canvases, with composition made even trickier by the small artist’s need to balance skillfully on a ladder while working. All pieces are vibrant and pop with colour, but have nuanced differences.

His landscapes are dreamy and evoke an indescribable feeling of wanderlust and nostalgia, while his portraits lean on an abstract and highly interpretive essence that put Sharma well beyond his years.

Evan’s aesthetic is so unique that he’s expanded from 2D art into fashion and sneakers. Fans can look forward to the launch of RBLB (Right Brain Left Brain) which sheds light on the relationship between the analytic and creative brains (right and left) and how they work in harmony.

Another proof that Evan Sharma isn’t like most teens is his selfless and philanthropic attitude that he maintains despite growing in popularity and wealth. He’s raised $35,000 for non-profit organizations such as the Canadian Olympic Team, United Way, the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and VibeArts.

It might be hard for some to understand how such a youthful and talented artist can also be so humbled, using his gift not just to express himself, but to help others. Sharma sets the bar high for emerging young artists - not just thanks to his aesthetic and entrepreneurial spirit, but in his heartfelt intention and quiet maturity as well.

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