Spinfire App: The Next Big Thing In Artist Promotion?

Everybody knows that DJs are an artist’s best friend. A relationship with a DJ that’s willing to spin your record is the perfect companion on the road to gaining exposure to more people. While a lot of artists use social media and visit different events and venues to meet and network with DJs, the Spinfire app might just make this task easier to do.

Spinfire is an app for artists and DJs with a simple concept: Artists upload their songs, and contact a selection of different DJs to pay for each spin. The DJs post their prices, which venue they’ll be playing, and what time they will be at the venue. The DJs on the site can charge between $20 and $500, however, artists can look at the profiles of the DJs on the app, then do their own research to decide whether they are going to get the bang for their buck. The best part of this is that you don’t even have to be in the same venue as the DJ. DJs have to post a “proof of spin” video, with the artist’s payment being withheld from the DJ until the video is sent in, and the artist instantly getting their money back if anything goes wrong. 

Spinfire is definitely a new app that can make networking with DJs a lot easier. Just simply post your music, choose the DJ, and you’ll receive video proof that your song got played. This ability to basically get on demand exposure and spins could very well be a useful tool to both young emerging artists trying to get exposure outside of their area, as well as seasoned artists. You have the ability to connect all of your social media to your Spinfire account as well, meaning that artists and DJs alike can scope out the talent to see who is serious, and possibly even build a partnership outside of the app if they are satisfied with their work. There are also multiple DJs of different genres, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a rapper looking to get your summer anthem played in the club, or an up and coming EDM producer who wants to get played during a DJ’s set, you should have luck doing so on this app. 

Spinfire is free to both iPhone and Android users and available to download now. The app will be available internationally in October 2017. 

Download Spinfire on: iPhone | Android