The BEST YouTube Channels Everyone Should Be Subscribed To

When YouTube was first born, it was as useless as a newborn child. First video a guy ever uploaded was him at a zoo. That is how little people knew of what would go on to become one of the most popular sites (and platforms) in the world.

Luckily, over time, us gen X’ers and Millennials figured it out pretty quickly and turned into what could be called “the most useful TV channel ever.” There is nothing you can’t learn from YouTube, and there are literally countless hours of entertainment and education on the site, depending on what you’re looking for.

That, in itself, can be daunting for some people, so we thought:
Why not write a list of the best YouTube channels everyone should subscribe to, so they know how to chew around the fat and just get the good part of the meat.

Here, my fine friends, is the good meat of YouTube, as odd as that may sound.

Keep in mind, these are presented in no numerical order.


Everyone should be able to laugh at the internet and all the stupid crap it spews at us from its guttermouth daily. That is what H3h3 is. A site with a man named Ethan and his wife, Hila, who just kinda find things on YouTube that are just very cringy, and they just go at it, full steam.
Thing is, even people they have mocked have come and been guests on their podcast and show, they are THAT likable. 

In other words, they are good people just having fun and after you see the Khaled video above, I guarantee you will be instant-fans, too.

Comic Book Girl 19

Despite what you may think, orange isn’t really the new black. Nerd is the new black. And nowhere is this more evident than on Youtube. 

And while some may watch Comic Book Girl 19 because she is easy to look at, this woman has unbridled knowledge and passion for all things nerd and does some of the best dissection videos online, flat-out. 

I don’t mean she cuts up animals, by the way. By dissection I mean she puts something geeky under her mental nerd microscope and addresses all aspects of it. She is funny, brilliant, and really easy to watch, and her recent Dune run has been epic.
Check it out if you are a fan of the book, it is stellar.


We are a music site and we are not going to avoid music channels and just give you nerd shit, honestly. Problem is, most YouTube music channels are highly opinionated and can be a turnoff if the person running the channel doesn’t have the same musical taste as you.

Vevo is good because it forgoes any of that shit and is essentially the YouTube equivalent of what MTV used to be.

Vevo gives you music videos, and you can subscribe by the artist so you don’t get inundated with Taylor Swift videos one rainy Sunday.

Really does harken back to the good ole’ days when MTV actually played videos.
Man, that was a good time to be alive, or so I’ve heard.


Back to nerd shit, but sorry, that is what the web does best. Thing is, while most nerd channels GEEK OUT and get loud and, well, geeky, nerd writer just sits back and dissects something from pop culture, but in a way that is far more Harvard than high school. 

Where most geek sites fail is by being geeky and playing into that too much, but Nerd Writer doesn’t even film himself until the end of the video, and TBH, he is NOT very geeky, but that is okay because this dude KNOWS HIS SHIT!

He just talks over video about some aspects of film, music, TV, and literature in ways you would have NEVER thought of yourself, and you always walk away from a Nerd Writer video smarter than you were before you watched it.

Definitely one of my personal favorites on YouTube. I delight when I see Nerd Writer 1 drop a new video.

What more can you ask for than that?

Sugar Pine 7

As much as a lot of these YouTube channels educate and entertain, sometimes you really just wanna laugh, and that is what the Sugar Pine 7 YouTube page will have you doing. While it may seem a bit odd at first, you will find yourself laughing so hard at their exploits at times that your sides will literally hurt.

They do funny ass videos featuring a cast of insane characters who completely grow on you as you watch the insanity unfold.

Harder to explain, just watch a few and you will see why these guys have subscribers in the millions.

Good Mythical Morning

Maybe the one channel on this list outside of Vevo you are already familiar with (as they are massive stars on the YouTube), Good Mythical Morning is what happens when two hipster bros join forces and kind of make a makeshift morning show of their very own to counter all the lame “real” morning shows you see on TV like The Today Show, for example.

But what is cool about Good Mythical Morning is that they do kooky ass shit and seem to have a great deal of fun challenging each other to do said shit.

It is basically the morning show you would’ve created were you given complete freedom in your early 20’s to make whatever show you want.

And it’s just damn good to boot.

Oats Studios

Brand new to YouTube is one of the best channels it has ever had. Oats Studios is set to change the way people look at film-making and distribution, as well as production.

Neill Blomkamp is one of the best directors out there right now (District 9, Chappie) but the man gets so much shit from studios he decided to open his own and distribute his own films via OATS, starting with a bevvy of short films.

Warning, this shit can be intense, especially the clip seen above, Zygote. Just might be one of the scariest short films I have ever seen, and everything on Oats is that good.

Plus, supporting the underdog is supporting OATS, and for the quality of the material it delivers, it deserves every follower on earth.

Now, to end on the other extreme….

Nerd Soup

The title itself should be pretty self-explanatory. The world right now is in full-embrace mode for nerds, and for that reason, there are a hit-ton of “nerd” sites on the web that discuss things from Game of Thrones to how DC finally made a good movie with Wonder Woman (‘bout time).

Thing is, with Nerd Soup, you are getting genuine nerd talk from genuine nerds. It may LOOK a little simple and corny at first, but it’s both funny and well-written.

No bullshit, no douches pretending to be nerds for YouTube likes.

Just real nerds like us talking nerdy shit. 

And at the end of the day, isn’t THAT exactly what the internet is all about?
Thought so.