Louis Vuitton Just Made a $10k, Massive Backpack…Is It Worth It?

Louis Vuitton Just Made a $10k, Massive Backpack…Is It Worth It?.jpg

Every season, someone comes up with a ridiculous item that all the hype beasts need to get their hands on, and that most normal human beings roll their eyes at.

Many would consider a 10,000 dollar, oversized Louis Vuitton backpack to fall into that category of product. The internet has been shredding this bag to pieces with jokes like, “when you need a backpack big enough to carry everything you own because you spent all your rent money on a LV backpack.”

We completely understand this logic and the bag is definitely worthy of a roast. However: said backpack is not as tacky as one might believe, and is actually kind of dope if you live a lifestyle where you need a big bag that can hold a ton of shit.

We know a lot of girls that fall under that category (myself included.) Besides having a Zoolander aspect of hilarity, this backpacks holds onto some everyday functionality.

Coming from the brand’s 2019 Fall collection in collaboration with Virgil Abloh, this backpack comes in grey fleece, like the bulk of the season’s footwear and outerwear. Instead of the classes logo dotted all over a leather exterior, a subtle, jacquard print of the LV monogram is emblazoned on the front.

The interior fulfills all of our pocket fantasies, with more compartments and straps than we can count. Closure is kept sturdy by adjustable pinhole snaps.

The glitzy aspect still resides in the heavy duty, silver Louis Vuitton logo which casual hangs from the back.

If you see this more as a hiker backpack or a suitcase, this gargantuan concept makes slightly more sense. Not really, but the justifications we make for fashion, right?